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Charming Charleston 06.10.2014
Stunning Savannah 05.10.2014
Corn, a Hospital Visit and Birthday Cake 11.07.2014
Halloween 30.06.2014
A visit from Poppy and a very sick Eddie 22.06.2014
Boston bound (part 2) 20.06.2014
Boston bound (part 1) 03.06.2014
Airboats, more family and a wedding 02.06.2014
Family visitors and Disney World. Yay!! (part 3) 01.06.2014
Family visitors and Disney World. Yay!! (part 2) 31.05.2014
Family visitors and Disney World. Yay!! 03.05.2014
Milestones 20.03.2014
Visiting some big cats! 08.02.2014
Some time at home 06.02.2014
Baseball and Mermaids? (Part two) 26.11.2013
Baseball and Mermaids? (Part one) 25.11.2013
The Atlanta Braves, 'tailgating' and a party 22.09.2013
Ginnie Springs 13.08.2013
Feeling the wheels and a visit to Maximo 29.07.2013
Some quiet time at home 27.07.2013
An afternoon in Sluis and a long flight back 13.07.2013
Beautiful Bruges 12.07.2013
A new toy, haircut and friend 08.06.2013
An Atlanta Weekend 07.06.2013
Staying local 05.06.2013
Rhythm and Ribs! 15.05.2013
Beach time and Easter 15.05.2013
Exploring downtown Jacksonville 18.04.2013
Pirates, (yarrrr!) and Moving Day! 03.04.2013
Jacksonville, Florida (and a quick trip to Orlando) 18.03.2013
Texas Longhorns! 13.03.2013
More big things and 2 bullets 26.02.2013
The Great Big Plane and Wiley 21.02.2013
Last stop before departure, Taronga! 19.02.2013